Cairns Airport Security Solution

Ensuring safety and creating great experiences at Cairns Airport

As the internationally renowned tourist destination and gateway to the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns Airport is a major infrastructure hub for tourism, export agriculture products, as well as being critical in supporting the economic growth of the North Queensland Region.

Trident Services has introduced our industry leading approach and technology in the delivery of the Security Services to the Cairns Airport. We provide professional insights to managing the threat to aviation security, ensuring transparency and efficiency of operational services with a focus on ensuring a safe and welcoming environment.

In transitioning our aviation security practitioner training programs to align with elevated training and accreditation requirements recently introduced by the Cyber and Infrastructure Security Centre (CISC), Trident has invested in cutting edge and industry approved training, development and accreditation systems. This is to ensure our Aviation Security Screening staff are at the forefront of aviation security service provisioning and capability development through:

  • Enhanced pre-employment or post RTO vetting of staff
  • Enhanced RTO qualification
  • Mandatory accreditation testing
  • Annual reaccreditation testing
  • Accreditation of trainers and testers
  • Learning and development record keeping and testing systems
  • Security profiling, questioning and assessment of passengers.

To support the training of our Aviation Security Screening staff and drive for continuous capability improvement, Trident uses the following systems in synchronisation with practical training activities.

This includes:

  • The CASRA XRT 4 threat image detection tutoring tool, used for the continued training, testing and accreditation of screeners, including pre-employment suitability assessment and pre shift readiness testing for individuals to undertake security screening duties.
  • The Trident-TEK business management system that incorporates dedicated modules for a range of security compliance management requirements. These modules include:
    • Training & Development Management that maintains individual training and accreditation records;
    • Practical Assessments; and
    • Incident and event reporting and investigation.

Trident Services is committed to the welfare and skill enhancement of our staff to ensure they are equipped to effectively deliver security services to our airport/aviation clients in a supportive and empowering environment.

Trident Services delivers a 24/7 non-stop Aviation Security service to Cairns Airport, currently incorporating:

Screening of Passenger and carry-on baggage Checked Bag and Freight Screening
Airside Inspection Aircraft and General Guarding
Visitor Pass Issuing Authority Front of house security/car park attendant