Work that challenges you. Teams to inspire you. Training to develop you. Trident offers everything you need for a rewarding career.

Trident continuously strives to do the right thing, from the way we work with local communities to the way we treat our people. We respect and care for all our team members. We employ local staff, to help develop national and local partners. The range of opportunities and experiences you’ll get working with Trident ensures you’ll never stop learning and finding new career opportunities.

Development & Training

Employees are encouraged to seek opportunities to improve the way they work and to engage in processes to identify learning opportunities that will meet individual and organisational goals.
In providing learning and development activities Trident aims to:
• create a culture that values learning and continuous improvement
• support employees to acquire and apply new skills
• strengthen the development of managers and leaders
• develop individual career paths
• provide a flexible, highly-skilled workforce
• maximise employee engagement
• increase employee retention
• promote a collaborative approach between employees and managers.


Tridents culture is all about inclusion, collaboration, high performance, and opportunity. We hire the top talent in our fields and offer them access to opportunities to do their best work and succeed. Trident offers access to opportunities that support your growth, develop your skills, and guide you to reach your goals.


We are passionate about creating an environment that’s inclusive and supportive; a place where everyone can truly be themselves.
Our focus on diversity and inclusion spans all the ways in which people differ, both visible and invisible. This includes gender, age, ethnicity, race, cultural background, disability, religion and sexual orientation. We believe diversity fosters greater innovation, stronger problem-solving capability, better customer connection and increased morale.