Cleaning Services

Why choose us?

Trident has the expertise and capabilities to deliver commercial cleaning services and an array of unique and highly specialised cleaning solutions for airports, commercial and retail premises.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, flexibility, and responsiveness with our well-established network of professional cleaners focused on keeping people and property safe.

We use Green Seal Certified range of cleaning products and are committed to restricting use of non-environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

Our team is licensed in quarantine waste management and trained in COVID infection control and preventative cleaning.

We can tailor services to meet your commercial cleaning needs.

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Advantages of Commercial Cleaning Services

Professional clean

Commercial cleaning is a hectic task that is totally different from domestic cleaning or house cleaning. Our team is professionally trained and uses industrial strength and industrial-sized products that can clean large areas quickly and more effectively.

Cost effectiveness

We make commercial cleaning cost-effective by working with you to tailor cleaning solutions to meet your specific needs.

Attention to detail

The dedicated Trident team takes care of the small areas, difficult corners, messy storerooms, areas under fixtures, and furniture.

Time saving

Our commercial grade equipment, cleaning solutions and professionally trained workforce are highly effective and efficient.

Heavy duty cleaning equipment

Our heavy-duty, high performing cleaning equipment is designed for commercial cleaning purposes.

Dedicated cleaning teams

Our professionally trained cleaning teams provide around the clock end-to-end cleaning services.

Industry standards

Trident is fully certified and meets all government and industry standards.

Protecting your assets

Regular professional cleaning helps identify issues that could potentially lead to expensive problems if not handled properly and quickly.

Long-lasting impact

Commercial cleaning has a long-lasting impact that minimises the chance of bacteria, dust, dirt, and viruses being spread by staff or customers.

Genuine services

Trident provides genuine and authentic services in Australia. You can trust is for your office cleanliness and health.