Our Difference 

Why choose Trident?

Everything we do at Trident is about keeping people and property safe.

We achieve this by tailoring our services to enhance your customers’ experience, champion your safety and security culture, and actively supporting your business in achieving compliance and best practice.

Taking a One Team approach, Trident is not another contractor, but a true and invested partner in your business.

We value teamwork that drives outstanding customer results, ethically growing sustainable business partnerships, and being authentic by acting with integrity and building trust.

Our goal is to provide best practice standards in all areas we provide services in and to increase the level of professionalism in the industry.

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  • We are 100 per cent Australian owned certified and operated.
  • Our people are directly employed under the Modern Award. We do not outsource our workforce.
  • Our world-leading scalable and predictive cloud-based Trident-TEK platform drives risk reduction, improves strategic decision making, and lowers operating costs in real-time.
  • Our commercial offer is tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • We have strong governance in safety, quality and environmental compliance and a risk focused strategy that delivers proven results.
  • We offer high operational competency and communications from an experienced team.
  • We have a proven Industrial Relations track record of being compliant with all Modern Award and related employment conditions, supported by an excellent Union relationship.
  • We have the capital, the reputation, the leadership, and operational competency to consistently deliver high quality tailored services to meet the demands of varied operations.
  • Our accountability is driven by transparent processes, procedures, leadership, and commitment.
  • We drive optimisation through continuous improvement, innovation and integration, and enhanced technology to support data centric decision making.
  • We aim to always maintain compliance through awareness, training, competency development and quality assurance auditing.