Bond Cleaning (includes Carpet Cleaning)


Professional high quality Bond cleaning is now commonly required by agents and landlords before the exit and as a precondition to your bond being returned.

Trident Services Bond Cleaning is an accredited professional bond cleaning service based on an industry standard checklist using modern equipment to ensure the Unit / Townhouse meets agent and landlord requirements.

This service includes:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Lounge / Living Room
  • Bathroom / Toilets
  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms
  • Window Cleaning

Please Note:

  • No carpet cleaner can guarantee to remove all stains, as some stains are permanent. Permanent stains require the services of a carpet restoration specialist, at additional cost.
  • Bond cleans must be completed before the tenancy ends.
  • In some circumstances we are not able to complete your bond clean on the day you have requested. In this case, we will ensure it is completed before the end of your tenancy. 
  • The property must be fully vacated (no people, furniture, boxes) before the Service Booking date. Cleaners will be onsite anytime between 7am to 3pm.
  • You do not need to be present to let the cleaners in. Access will be arranged through the site management office.