Retail and Commerical Cleaning Services

Why choose us?

Trident has the expertise and capability to deliver an array of specialised cleaning solutions* for retail and commercial premises, including some of Australia’s largest shopping centres.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, flexibility, and responsiveness with our well-established network of professional cleaners focused on keeping people and property safe.

Where possible, we use environmentally-friendly cleaning products and are committed to minimising the use of non-environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. We’re committed to reducing landfill through waste reduction and recycling initiatives, including supporting partnerships with Containers for Change at some of our sites. 

Our team is licensed in quarantine waste management and trained in infection control and preventative cleaning.

*Some services may be provided by a subsidiary company.

Trident Services Australia is proudly a CAF 3 star prequalified contractor, ISO certified in Quality, OHS, and Environment, and a cm3 prequalified contractor. 

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Retail and Commercial cleaning services include:

We offer a cost effective and safe alternative for all your commercial window cleaning needs.

We can take care of all your hygiene equipment and consumable needs from toilet paper to soap dispenser refills, sanity bins, air freshners, and sharps disposal units. 

Safety assessment, containment, and decontamination of biological hazards, including sanitary bins and sharps containers.

Washroom cleaning and decontamination of all surfaces and hardware.

Our cleaning professionals are trained in waste management.

Audits, repairs, scheduled cleaning, and mould remediation of commercial air ducts to remove pollutants such as dust mite waste, mould, animal dander and tobacco smoke to keep indoor air clean and fresh.

All buildings have a selection of flooring, and we have a comprehensive service covering all flooring care and installation types.

We offer complete commercial pressure and steam cleaning services for almost any exterior surface, including multi-storey and exterior surfaces, such as carparks, pavements, walls, and roofs.

Removal of gum and graffiti of any kind while minimising damage to the original surface materials, including heritage listed assets.

We remove grime, old cleaning film and worn-out sealant and seal the surface for a beautiful, long-lasting shine.