Specialist and Periodical Property and Asset Services

Why choose us?

In addition to our comprehensive commercial cleaning services, we offer a wide range of industrial cleaning, restorative, and maintenance options.*

Our specialty lies in the delivery of responsive, conclusive, end-to-end property and asset services.

* Services may be provided by a subsidiary company or subcontractor.

Post construction and pre-open deep cleans and/or ongoing scheduled cleaning service.

The mould remediation service is a comprehensive service of identification, testing, reporting and then remediating the asset back to a safe space.

Transport infrastructure cleaning is a unique and fast paced environment requiring a dedicated and highly specialised team.

Interior and exterior washing, loading docks, windows and car park washing, pest inspections, roof inspections. Our cleaning technicians understand to ensure safety, they pay special attention to the inflow and outflow of small and large vehicles.

Professional front of house and customer service staff.

Turf, landscape, tree and asset care and maintenance, as well as pest and weed control. Also, pathways, park furniture, outdoor lighting, irrigation and drainage systems, fountains and water features and monuments.

We offer general maintenance services that include fittings and fixtures, plastering, touch ups, carpentry, repairs and much more.

Treating and grounding concrete to leave a smooth, polished surface that is low maintenance, durable and easier to clean than other floorings.

End-to-end tactile system design and installation, non-slip flooring surface solutions and trip hazard removal.

Abrasive blasting surface preparation.

Whilst structural glass is robust in design, it is susceptible to damage and costly repairs for misuse. We use best practice when cleaning these areas as the primary focus for the entire building.

Complete painting services for all surfaces including internal and external walls, roofs, gutters, fixtures and playground equipment.

Lock and door repairs, including fitting of new or damaged locks and hanging of new doors.

Safety lines, tactile indicators, and stair nosing are all systems that accompany our Hard Surfaces Maintenance team and can be installed at construction or used throughout the maintenance term of the asset.

Repair cracked concrete, uneven surfaces, repair footpaths that have been overgrown by plants or trees and repair potholes.

Contamination containment and remediation.

Purpose built equipment and customised services to maintain roads and drains in a safe and cost-effective manner.

Hard surface services include captured steam cleaning, silenced pressure cleaning, low flow structure cleaning, strip and seal, trip hazard removal, and anti-slip installations just to name a few.

Including auditing of structures, elevated work platform or abseiling access to carrying out maintenance, structure cleaning, building wash, pressed concrete structure washing, glass cleaning and a range of installations all safely carried out at heights up to 89 metres.

We use specialist street sweeping equipment designed to maximise efficiency and performance output, creating a cost-efficient maintenance solution.

Special event cleaning is a collaborative activity to ensure fast return of open spaces and community areas to pristine condition.

Accredited and independent slip resistance testing will determine if floor areas meet minimum anti-slip performance requirements.