Revolutionizing Airport Cleanliness: Tennant Australia & New Zealand’s Exciting Partnership with Trident Services Australia

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Tennant Australia & New Zealand is proud to announce its newest partnership with Trident Services Australia and the arrival of the newest Tennant fleet including their:

  • T7AMR Autonomous Floor Scrubber
  • S30 Mid -Sized Ride-On Sweeper
  • S20 Compact Mid-Sized Ride-On Sweeper
  • T16 Battery-Powered Ride-On Scrubber
  • T12 Compact Battery-Powered Ride-On Scrubbers
  • 6100 Sub-Compact Ride-On Floor Sweeper
  • T291 Small-Size Walk Behind Scrubber
  • S7 Walk-Behind Battery Sweeper

Trident Services Australia Pty Ltd (Trident) provides tailored service solutions for commercial, retail, and aviation facilities. Currently employing more than 2000 people across 40+ sites throughout Australia, their team offers high-level security, general and specialist cleaning, and asset management services supported by an industry-leading technology platform delivering powerful data for real-time decision-making, reporting, and risk mitigation.

Our Queensland team including National Account Manager Rok Hojnik and Territory Sales Manager, John Barr-Brown are a part of the integral team that brought this partnership together over the past few weeks. Especially, through last week’s on-site training session for the Trident team, where they learned everything about their new S20, S7, T12 & T291 machines. From in-depth demonstrations to hands-on applications, the Trident team became all up to speed on the capabilities of their fleet. But our commitment to their success doesn’t stop there, Tridents will also receive ongoing training readily available to their team. As Tennant provides free operator training on-site for the life of their Tennant machine, we ensure that our customers get the maximise potential from their new cutting-edge machines.

Not only did our team deliver their newest fleet to Brisbane Airport, but they were all unpacked, assembled and taken directly to their terminal, ready for duty!

With over 15 machines now operating at the Brisbane Airport, this milestone marks the beginning of an exciting journey, where our cutting-edge equipment will play a crucial role in maintaining the airport’s pristine standards and enhancing the passenger experience. We look forward to a happy and long partnership with both Brisbane Airport Corporation and Trident Services Australia.