COVID Cleaning

Why choose us?

Trident has the expertise and capabilities to deliver commercial cleaning services and an array of unique and highly specialised cleaning solutions for airports, commercial and retail premises.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, flexibility, and responsiveness with our well-established network of professional cleaners focused on keeping people and property safe.

We use Green Seal Certified range of cleaning products and are committed to minimising use of non-environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

Our team is licensed in quarantine waste management and trained in COVID infection control and preventative cleaning.

COVID Cleaning

Trident’s highly trained professional workforce uses evidence based preventative infectious control equipment, products, and systems.

Our first-line approach to infection prevention and minimising the spread of infections include hand hygiene, personal protective equipment, and cleaning.  These standard precautions minimise the risk of transmission of infectious agents from one person or place to another and render and maintain objects and areas as free as possible from infectious agents.

However, these precautions require enhancing when higher risks infectious agents are present i.e., Covid-19.

In response to the pandemic, Trident enhanced its normal cleaning activities through detailed Infection Control Programs and use of Therapeutic Drug Administration (TGA) approved chemicals and products, where applicable.


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