Malfunctioning lift investigation and rectification

Lift out of order

The issue

Following a series of near miss events and incidents leading to injury resulting from a malfunctioning lift at a retail site, in partnership with our client, the Trident HSE team undertook an investigation to help ensure a safe working environment for employees and other workers.


  • Through shared Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) responsibilities, maintenance of infrastructure (including the lift) was the responsibility of the client, however Trident’s PCBU responsibilities included ensuring safe systems for workers using the infrastructure.
  • Potentially not all ‘near misses’ or safety incidents from the malfunctioning lift were being reported.
  • There was no alternate lift access to offices for people with mobility limitations when the lift was inactive.


  • Change of Trident procedure: Frontline employees were empowered to activate isolation containment measures upon identification of danger.
  • Change of client procedure: Specific criteria for the lift were added to the workplace inspection checklist at the centre.
  • Increased reporting, follow-up and cooperation and collaboration between Trident’s HSE team and the client.

Business Impact

  • Reduced risk and potential Workcover claims due to the investigation of significant or trending ‘near miss’ events.
  • Safety shares to support organisational learning.
  • Reduction in incidents involving this lift.